thanks, love!

People have problems, right? I do have problems, but how can I be happy tho. It seems cliche when someone talk or write about happiness, I know. I'm not a novelist nor a poem writer, but I can define happiness in my own words. I dedicated this post for my beloved generous boyfriend that I love the most haha, no, this is not a dedication page of a thesis, but really I love him and he plays an important role to build my happiness. I want to write this post for Ed, hehe. 
I don't know from what kind of material does his heart made of. How can he manage to bring joy to my life in this last 5 years and still counting. I can't even count how many times I dissapoint him, but he always here with me. Does he can't be angry? Sure, he can be angry because still, he's a human being, but he always came back to love me bigger. Thank you, Ed. I love you. 
If you see and read this post someday, I hope you're still with me and live a happy life with me. I really proud of you. You can reach your dream, your family dream. Soon, you'll pass the S2 things and build your career as you want, I'm sure.

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