Why Do I Spend My Time to Write?

Why Do I Spend My Time to Write?
Writing most likely began as a consequence of political expansion in ancient cultures, which need reliable means for transmitting information, maintaining financial accounts, keeping historical records, and many similar activities.

Writing most likely began as a consequence of political expansion in ancient cultures, which need reliable means for transmitting information, maintaining financial accounts, keeping historical records, and many similar activities. In my current position as a student and especially as a language student, I found many different function of writing from many reliable means above which make me always want to spend my time to write.

The primary reason that can make me spend my time to write is I can create much knowledge from writing. Our writing is knowledge that we have. In every single second in my life it must be much knowledge that I get. It can be from read or from whatever I do in my life, in my journey of life. To make sure that knowledge doesn’t fly, write is the best method to eternalize that knowledge. If I write the knowledge that I have, of course I also share my knowledge to everyone especially my reader. They can get the knowledge that I also get and I am sure if the reader get the knowledge from my writing there will be a satisfaction from me as a writer.

To create knowledge is not a simple thing to do. As a writer I should able to make supported claim. The information that I give to the reader should have a supported claim. Before I write the information or knowledge as my masterpiece I need to know whether my information is valid or not, based on the fact or not, and beneficial or not. I can’t create the knowledge or information with unsupported claim.

The secondary reason is with writing, I can sharpen my mind to be able make critical thinking. If I can be critical thinking person, I can make many reason of my life and so do you. Writing is one of the way to get critical thinking. Before I like to write, I can’t as critical as now. Writing changes me from not critical to be critical. To be like that is not easy, I need process. So long process. I start to think from the simple one to the complicated one and it works. Now, in my fourth months in writing class I can be more critical.

Next, writing can make me think analytically. I can observe and explain everything, so that I can understand everything in my own comprehension. I write every material that I get in my own language so I can perfectly understand the material completely. I can see how much writing has very useful function.

Not only I can think critically and analytically, but also I can think synthesize. Thinking of synthesize is the way to combine many ideas into one. It is also help me to make a revolution, a revolution of a new best idea which is the real new idea. In the other meaning, I can make or found the best idea every time.

In the other side, writing is also can make me more pleasurable to read and more diligent to read. How could it be? To create knowledge and to be critical thinker, I need a rich diet of reading. In reading, I need to have accuracy in selecting reading material which will I write into my masterpiece. If I success to do a reach diet of reading, I can make sure that my writing will be a good writing and can be more useful for everyone who read my writing.

Writing also can make me being literate. As a human being literate is one of the important things in human’s life. As a student it will be more important to being literate. We are the next generation of the nation. I need to explore more and more my skill in writing to increase the level of literacy.

Then, in writing I can found my identity especially identity as a writer. I can know who I am from my writing. Every single writing that made by a writer is always having its own master. I have written some writing and it must be characterize me as its writer. Although I am just new writer, time by time I can get my own identity. It is one of many reasons that can make me spend my time to write. I want to be a popular writer with my own masterpiece, so I like to write and I like to spend my time to write.

Beside several reasons above, to write is also to meet the fain to think a lot. This fain is a positive fain, that is why I like to write and I like this fain. Writing makes my brain works harder to think which is because to write well, I need to think a lot. Every masterpiece will become the best masterpiece if the writer thinks a lot. To help this thing happen, I have one way to do. It called brainstorming.

Before I write, I also through pre-writing phase. All that things happen because write need long process and cannot be instantly written. In the pre-writing phase, I usually use focused question to make me write easier. In focused question I use WH question, they are what, when, where, who, why, and how. It is work perfectly to make me write easier. I just have to make question based on the theme that I will write.

Another reason why I spend my time to write is to practice before I must write essay to fulfill my obligation if I want to graduate from my college. I know that to write essay later must be more difficult than I write now. That is the reason why I always spend my time to write is for practice my writing skill. It is for my future.

Then, write is also to instill reflexes especially when I write in English. If the reflexes are already embedded within me, I can easily write without spend much time to think about the vocabulary and grammar. I can work faster if the reflexes to write especially in English is in mine.

To practice patient is a further reason from writing. Sometimes, as a writer I get a writer’s block. That is the time when I can’t think everything and I can’t do anything. I don’t know to write if the writer’s block comes to me. So, I need to cleverly minimize the writer’s block and keep my patient to write.

Actually, there is one reason more that can make me like to spend my time to write. Because I am a student, I have responsibility to complete many writing task that given by my lecturer. I have to complete all of them on time and well done. It is also one of the practice methods to increase my ability to write. I know that it is my obligation but I do not make it hard. Just enjoy it and let it flow, everything will be easy. That is why I need to write more and more.

Well, from many reasons that I have written above I think they can represent all of the reasons to spend my time to write. There are many important things that I have got from writing. Many advantages for me as a student if I keep continue my step to write and keep patient to write the best masterpiece. Writing is a long process that must be enjoyed in order to increase our writing skill.    

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